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Why 1008jobs.com

We present you a portal to start your exciting career journey www.1008jobs.com. As a first stop during the journey you would be received with free registrations of your profile.

As a seeker in your journey you are entitled to a single window multiple job opportunity viewing. You will experience enhanced features such as job push directly correlating to you capabilities and interests. You would be able to get glimpses of companies with their work location. Testimonials to the companies will help you make informed decision on your career path.

A unique feature called job diary showcases your achievement till date as graphs and picture. We inspire you to achieve more. We believe the power is in your hands to choose the right job and thus we have provided you a unique platform to evaluate multiple job opportunities. You get to choose jobs that you like, the money you want to earn and define the timeframe of your everyday job life. All you have to do is embark on this exciting journey and enjoy the offerings we have for you.

As a provider, be rest assured that you have been provided the best platform to showcase your jobs and proudly display your office infrastructure with testimonials. For maximum reach of seekers we would be deploying job push, Social Media integration, Agent1008, myAvatar & HR Kiosk.

We will assist you at all stages of your hiring process by partnering with you and providing options of smart end to end interview scheduling system along with a backend recruitment support team. Your association will be made meaningful through the insights that we provide in the form of reports and analytics.

Every recruitment interaction with us would be your success as you have the right platform to choose the right candidate for the job who would help you achieve your company goals. Make us your partners in every recruitment journey and succeed.